Plumbing Classes COURSE Description:This course is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills, positive attitude and work values in accordance with international standards. It covers the competencies required in Preparing pipes for installation, Performing minor construction works , Making piping joints and connections, Perform single unit plumbing installation and assemblies, Performing plumbing repair and maintenance works, Perform complex/ multi-story plumbing installation and assemblies, Perform pipe leak testing, Install hot and potable chilled water piping, and Draft plumbing design. Course Components:

Upon completion of the module the trainees/students should be able to:


  1. Participate in workplace communication
  2. Work in a team environment
  3. Practice career professionalism
  4. Practice occupational health and safety procedures


  1. Prepare Construction Materials and Tools
  2. Interpret Technical Drawings And Plans
  3. Observe Procedures, Specifications And Manuals Of Instructions
  4. Perform Mensuration And Calculation
  5. Maintain tools and equipment
  6. Perform housekeeping and safety practices


  1. Prepare tools, painting materials and equipment
  2. Prepare surface for painting
  3. Perform painting work

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