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Classic Material Testing Company

did anyone buy Clomiphene online Material Testing Company has received its new Certification for Kunduz and Badakhashan effective 15 Mar 2011, other than the new locations we are processing orders in main office Kabul.

CMTC understands quality control and has deep and extensive quality control experience both as an implementing partner and as a building contractor.

CMTC first started conducting quality control programs as a building contractor under the guise of the Construction Trades Training Center (CMTC) in Jalalabad, Afghanistan in 2006. As part of its construction process a quality control program was incorporated into its first construction contract with the Jalalabad Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) in 2006.

The quality control program had two primary components, a certified Quality Control Officer and a quality control plan formulated according to the latest quality control software at that time, QCS, Quality Control System (2006). The quality control plan was implemented daily for the respective construction projects and the results reported to the CMTC Director.

CMTC construction projects included greenhouse fabrication and installation contracts with DAI and Afghan National Police office rehabilitation contracts. CMTC successfully completed construction contracts for the Jalalabad PRT, the Afghan National Police and DAI without one call back for rework, in part due to its quality control program.

CMTC Experience and partners

As well, CMTC has broad experience as a quality control implementing partner. CMTC has contracted with more than ten national and international construction companies in Afghanistan as a quality control partner providing material testing and material sampling quality control oversight. The international companies include DynCorp International, ECCI, GIZ, KEC, KfW, Dangyl AS and national companies include ZACC, SZQCC, and BHCC etc. List is provided in our website in detail.

CMTC is uniquely qualified to conduct quality control on individual CMTC construction contracts and also for contractors and donors as they have three USACE certified material testing laboratories currently operational in Afghanistan. Strict internal quality control is practiced at CMTC material testing laboratories including equipment calibration schedules, record keeping and progressive training programs for laboratory technicians.

CMTC understands the differences between quality assurance programs and quality control programs and is able to clearly delineate between the two. Throughout many of the military funding programs CMTC has contracted with, it has been noted in contracts and during meetings that quality control and quality assurance often times were unclear. CMTC has both the past performance and current capacity to implement both quality control programs and quality assurance programs for large scale national and international financed construction projects.

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