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AWDP/CTTC Jalalabad 1st Round Graduation Report

Ibadan Thursday May 16th 2013, 57 mid-level trainees in construction sector out of 130 students (26 Job Seekers, 31 mid-level employees) achieved Course Completion Certificates. This demand driven training program was in Jalalabad implemented by Champion Technical Training Center (CTTC) supported by USAID-Afghanistan Workforce Development Program (AWDP). Graduation ceremony was celebrated after accomplishing the USAID/AWDP funded 1st round training program “Construction Training for Mid-Level Workers” in different occupational areas in construction sector. The trainees graduated from five various construction fields of Masonry, Plumbing, Carpentry, Electrical and Steel Bar Fixing.

AWDP/CTTC Jalalabad Female Trainees Graduation Ceremony

http://telegraphharp.com/honesty-box/ On 16th June 2013 Sunday, AWDP/CTTC JBD graduation ceremony was held for 20 female trainees whom completed their two months painting training course facilitated by AWDP/CTTC team in Jalalabad. Guests from ICC, Directorate of Women Affairs, CTTC senior management team and AWDP/CTTC Jalalabad including 20 Female graduate and their family members participated in this event.

AWDP/CTTC Jalalabad 2nd Round Graduation Report

Sunday August 4th 2013, 55 (mid-level employees) celebrated their graduation ceremony and received Course Completion Certificates after finishing USAID/AWDP funded training program “Construction Trainings for Mid-Level Workers” in six different occupational areas of construction in Jalalabad, Nangarhar. This was a market demand driven program conducted in Jalalabad by Champion Technical Training Center (CTTC) supported by USAID-Afghanistan Workforce Development Program (AWDP). The project duration is nine months and three construction trade training sessions were held for two months each. This was the third group of graduates trained with AWDP/USAID construction training funding in Jalalabad. Two groups of 55 men and 20 women respectively have been awarded with certificates in six various trade occupations. The number of graduates under AWDP/CTTC training now totals 132 including 20 female painting trainees.

AWDP/CTTC Final Report January 07 – September 15, 2013
  • 70% of the trainees in the mid-level construction sector courses have been successfully integrated into either new mid-level positions or promoted to the higher mid-level positions
  • 20 of the participants who have been trained are women Database in place of the trainees with their capabilities, Employers with their skill needs
  • 131 trained in skills other than Vo-Tech including planning, preparing CV and job maintenance Strategy in follow up of the placed skilled trainees and upgrade the skills and wages of trainees in the private sector.
  • With this plan put forward and activities above, we cover 131 direct beneficiaries’ and 910 indirect beneficiaries.
  • A total of 131 direct beneficiaries got trained under this program.
  • The number of men was counted to 102 and 20 women trained in skills of Vo-Tech trainings.
  • The indirect youth girls made approximately 112 and 108boys which made a total of 431youth indirect beneficiaries in these two categories.
  • Each trainee on average is thought to have 7 to 9 family members and this program covered a whole of 1028 people in average. This number of people included men, women, youth boys and girls less than 18 year of age

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