Third Party Monitoring (TPM)

Third Party Monitoring (TPM), CQM, PMP, CAPM, Social and Environmental Monitoring Programs

Third Party Monitoring (TPM)

The CTTC has been providing TPM services throughout Afghanistan since 2006 to such notable clients as USAID, Development Alternatives International (DAI) and the U.S. Department of Defense Provincial Reconstruction Teams. Sector specific engineers are trained in the “Fulcrum” data collection application and using smart phones transmit data from the field to a unique CTTC internet platform whereby quality control engineers review, aggregate and format the data into TPM site reports. The CTTC has monitored infrastructure, roads, water and sanitation, canals, power, environmental and social and gender sectors. Currently the CTTC has sub contracted with Management Systems International (MSI) to provide monitoring and reporting on the World Bank funded ARTF II monitoring program.

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