Homeopathic Medical System Activities In Ministry Of Public Health-Afghanistan

no prescription Aurogra on line pharmacy CTTC, Champion Technical Training Center after establishing its Health Department has supported its cause for healthy Afghans. Following this cause, CTTC- Director of Medical Department proposed to present the Homeopathic Medical System to MoPH to undertake efforts towards legalizing the System in Afghanistan.

Komatsushimach┼Ź Two meetings were held with MoPH Deputy – Dr. Najia Tariq who paid due attention needed to the issue and forwarded this Advisers to support the Ministry with their opinion in this regards. After the official opinion of the advisers, the case was forwarded to Directorate of Curative Medicine. CTTC – Director of Medical Department met with Director of Curative Medicine and asked to present the case to MoPH. The presentation was facilitated, supported and backed by the Director of Curative Medicine – MoPH. Director of Curative Medicine Dr. Ahmad Ashraf Mia assigned an advisers panel to attend the presentation on Sunday 23rd, 20112.

On Sunday 23rd, 2012 three presentations were to be presented on Introduction to Homeopathic Medical System, IAEA’s imPACT, NCCP, and services Introduction and Directorate of Homeopathy’s objectives, functions and need to be established in MoPH Afghanistan. The session started at 3:00pm and ended at 4:45pm. This session included presentation, panel questions’ answers and feedback of the panel. The panel of four Advisers were thanked for their valuable time given to attend this session.

Cancer project, statistics as facts and figures were presented, the support from CTTC, Champion Technical Training Center to help establish a National Cancer Control Program in Afghanistan was elaborated. CTTC, Champion Technical Training Center Medical Department, considering the request for support by Deputy MoPH, Dr. Najia Tariq’s for women suffering from various cancers, has contacted the International Atomic Energy Agency to have and imPACT review of Afghanistan to establish NCCP, National Caner Control Program. In response the IAEA has replied with acknowledgement of request received by them. CTTC – Medical Department is in need of support letter by the Ministry to be in good relations with MoPH regarding the imPAT and establishment of NCCP, National Cancer Control Program for good of Afghan people. Hence, CTTC – Medical Department is in close co-ordination with Dr. PBanejri’s Clinic in Kolkata (Dr. PBanji’s Protocols for Cancer are Testified by National Cancer Institute of USA) to establish an Advance Homoeopathic Telemedicine Center. This center would have the capability of curing acute and various difficult chronic cases including Hypertension, Asthma, Diabetes Type I-II and even Cancer in men and women alike. This would support Ministry of Public Health’s priority in fighting Cancer cases in mothers in Afghanistan.

In regards to Homeopathic Medical System the panel of Advisers noted the points in regards to the matter, presented by Dr. Abdul Nasir “Qayyumi” Medical Director- CTTC – Medical Department in the ministry. Various questions were raised by the panel and were answered by Medical Director- CTTC – Medical Department, after the presentation, advisers had their feedback in regards to the presentations. The senior advisers supported the notion of having a unit in Ministry of Public Health to start small and expand accordingly, controlling all affairs of the Homeopathic policies, education and therapeutics in Afghanistan. The panel of advisers expressed their support in adding this specialty through the words “We are happy and support the science in any shape brought or established in Afghanistan.”

Meeting With Asst. Prof. Dr. Mohibullah Mohib Deputy Kabul Medical University

On 7th July, 2012 CTTC Int’l team met Academic Affairs Deputy Kabul Medical University, the letter was submitted to the Academic Affairs Deputy for the agreement to conduct Seminars and Trainings in the Kabul Medical University. The meeting was attended by Academic Affairs Deputy KMU and Surgery Dept Prof KMU and CTTC Int’l – Medical Director, Dr. Abdul Nasir and Office Manager – Mr. Mohammad Mirza Rezai representing CTTC Int’l.

The CTTC team was warmly welcomed and the letter was studied and agreed to support CTTC in conducting the Seminar and Training in the Kabul Medical University. The Academic Affairs Deputy also expressed their eagerness to discuss the Homeopathic Faculty in the Kabul Medical University. “We suggest you in conducting short term courses for Doctors and Lectures who can take the lead. This way doctors and KMU Lecturers will come to know the Homeopathic Medical System practice and the burden over Kabul Medical University and Ministry of Higher Education will be lessened in enrolling new graduates into Medical Practice.” Academic Affairs Deputy, he added, we will be glad to sign a memorandum of understanding to establish Homeopathic Faculty after the training and seminar.

CTTC Int’l team thanked the participants for their time prospective in this meeting. We got the Kabul Medical University agreement to conduct International Level Seminar and Training in Kabul Medical University. DHMS and BHMS documents for approval are going to be forwarded to the verification committee of Ministry of Higher Education to be verified on Wednesday 11th 2012. The official order letter from Minister is already with the Academic Affairs Ministry of Higher Education. Hope we get the proper approval after the expected presentation on Homeopathic Education. Our next step after proper verification of documents will be reaching to Minister for Public Health to discuss the issue for registration of Homeopathic Doctors under a Ministry of Public health

Meeting With Prof. Dr. Shireen Aqa Zarif Kabul Medical University Dean

Meeting With Prof. Dr. Shireen Aqa Zarif Kabul Medical University Dean

On 3rd July, 2012 at 10:30am Kabul Medical University (KMU) Dean was met by CTTC representatives in Kabul Medical University. This meeting was attended by KMU Dean, Prof. Dr. Shireen Aqa Zarif, CTTC – Medical Director, Dr. Abdul Nasir and CTTC – Office Manager-Kabul, Haji Mohammad Mirza. This meeting was arranged to discuss the possibility of KMU in providing the KMU Hall for Homeopathic Training to be held by American Medical College of Homeopathy (AMCH) and International Homeopathic Seminar held by BJains Pharmaceuticals and Book Stores. Both these events count for the proper setup of a Homeopathic Medical Faculty in Kabul Medical University.

CTTC team was received by the KMU staff. CTTC – Medical Director presented the order letters issued by the Ministry of Higher Education to KMU Dean, introducing CTTC. Int’l and the partners with support who will be providing for establishment of Homeopathy in Afghanistan. KMU Dean, Prof. Dr. Shireen Aqa Zarif reviewed the letter thoroughly, understanding the issue of Homeopathic Medicine being used by practitioners yet with no sound regulations in place. As a result, CTTC would like to propose a systematic presentation for approval of Homeopathic Medical System for Afghanistan. Document prepared regarding the WHO proposal (Policies and Practices), BHMS curriculum and different Acts including The Homeopathic Faculty Act (UK) and Homeopathic Central Council Act (India) were presented to KMU Dean. Commenting on the suggestion mentioned in the letters for a Homeopathic Faculty in KMU, KMU Dean, Prof. Dr. Shireen Aqa Zarif said, ” To reach the dept. of issue we will have to arrange a meeting with bodies who are into establishing this Faculty to support KMU in preparing a Faculty Building space in KMU as there are 6 already established Faculties in KMU and we are running out of space for any other Faculty to be established.”

The meeting was up to the expectations as predicted, there again was no expression of prejudice and everyone had an open mind towards alternative health care roles with KMU Dean, Prof. Dr. Shireen Aqa Zarif and KMU Dean carefully reviewing the letters thoroughly. The issue of Homeopathic Medicine as used by practitioners needs sound regulation in place. The result is a sound medical regulation in place for Homeopathic Medical System. KMU Dean, Prof. Dr. Shireen Aqa Zarif was kind in issuing the orders for support by the Hall through KMU Academic Affairs Deputy Asst. Prof. Mohibullah Mohib.

2nd Meeting with H.H Prof. Dr. Obaidullah Obaid Minister for MoHE

On 11th June, 2012 at 4:00pm a meeting was held in Ministry of Higher Education with the Minister Prof. Dr. Obaidullah Obaid. This meeting was attended by HPC – Adviser Hajji Deen Mohammad, Wahaaj Hospital Director – Dr. Mohd Hashim “Wahaj”, CTTC- Medical Director Dr. Abdul Nasir “Qayyumi” and Lady Dr. Gohar Shad “Shafaq”. The meeting was arranged by Haji Deen Mohammad to obtain Ministry of Higher Education’s support in the establishment of Homeopathic Medical System in Afghanistan through official recommendation of Minister of Higher Education. This means issuing an order to proper verification and introduction of Homeopathic Medical System through a training and seminar in the Kabul Medical University, Afghanistan.

The applications on verification and introduction of Homeopathic Medical System in Afghanistan were prepared and forward by CTTC – Medical Director to Minister of Higher Education. Following the application requests, orders were issued to Verification and Academic Department to reconsider the documents for proper verifications forming a committee of doctors from Kabul Medical University- this will open a way to other Homeopathic Doctors’ DHMS and BHMS to be processed-.

Minister was thanked for their support and time given to this meeting and Homeopathic Medical System for good of Afghan people.

Meeting With H.H Prof. Dr. Obaidullah Obaid Minister For MoHE

On 16th May, 2012 at 3:00pm CTTC representatives and Hajji Deen Mohammad met Minister for Higher Education, Afghanistan. This meeting was fixed by HPC- Advisor with Minister of Higher Education at Minister’s office to discuss the establishment of Homeopathic Medical System in Afghanistan. Minister was very nice and friendly and received us with pleasure.

HPC- Advisor Hijji Deen Mohammad talked about his previous experience as Homeopath in Pakistan and expressed his will to serve the Afghan people through Homeopathic Medicine. Minister expressed his support in the activities and mentioned that when he was Deen for the Kabul Medical University, he remembered some other people working to regulate Homeopathic Medical System. But unfortunately, despite continues efforts in MoHE and MoPH they were not able to fulfill the task. While Hajji Deen Mohammad was talking about invite of a delegation from Pakistan back in 2007 to establish Homeopathic Medical System in Afghanistan, he introduced us (CTTC- Medical Director and representatives) to H.H Dr. Obaidullah Obaid Minister for Ministry of

Higher Education as the 2nd effort done by him in the establishment of Homeopathic Medical System.

CTTC- Medical Director on behalf of HIMS Cooperative thanked Minister in providing the opportunity and time to discuss the establishment of Homeopathic Medical System in Afghanistan. Homeopathic Medical System, activities nationally and internationally were brought into the focus to the Higher Education Minister briefly. The agenda for proper verification of documents, establishing a Homeopathic Medical Faculty in Kabul Medical University and the support through American Medical College of Homeopathy regarding curriculum and training in Homeopathy for doctors and new students in the Homeopathic Medical Faculty, House of BJain support for an International Seminar in Kabul were discussed. CMA-UK’s support in clearing the confusion and replying to the

authorities, Hahneman Lab’s support in medicine, Homeopathic Medical System was referenced through the procedures and policies issued by WHO in recognition as a separate Medical System and FDA recognizing Homeopathic Medicine as remedies and permission to be sold as OTC medicine.

Minister for Higher Education expressed his understanding of Homeopathic Medical System being used all around the world. He said “Why not, you can write an application, so that I can issue the order to Kabul Medical University to help you in establishing Homeopathic Medical Faculty, and you should prepare a sound presentation to open their minds and I will be here to help you as needed.” Minister for Higher Education handed CTTC- Medical Director and Hijji Deen Mohammad his business cards for further contacts in response to Hijji Deen Mohammad’s request. Minister ordered his secretory to note our contacts and help us in activities in the Ministry.

Minister was thanked again for his time and support in the establishment of this new therapeutic system in Afghanistan.

Meeting With Haji Deen Mohammad Adviser To HPC-Afghanistan

On 12th Mar, 2012 we were received warmly as guest at home by Ex-Kabul Governor, Adviser to the High Peace Council Hajji Deen Mohammad. As he arrived back from Germany, he heard from his secretary about CTTC working to promote Homeopathic Medical System in Afghanistan. It did not take him much time to get in contact personally to learn about us and fix a time for a meeting.

He had a very calm and experience personality with sound understanding of the topic and was a very good listener. We met him in a very quiet guest room. This meeting was attended by Dr.Abdul Nasir-CTTC Medical Director and Dr.Wahaaj-Director for Wahaaj Hospital with a brief introduction competed by CTTC Medical Director of the participants.

CTTC and the members were presented the documents printed explaining the details of their commitment to Homeopathic Medical System in Afghanistan. The Homeopathic Medical System scenario was discussed and our efforts to date date along with follow up plans were explained. Plans including meeting the Minister for Higher Education to get the Certificates of Homeopathic Doctors verified to the standards accepted in other countries of the world, a meeting with the Minister for Public Health to award license to Homeopathic Doctors and a clinical setup to run accordingly. The predicated challenges were pin pointed to the Adviser for his support in the plans ahead. We expressed our team’s full dedication to the task and optimism towards what the team is going to do.

Hajji Deen Mohammad expressed his happiness on the efforts and stated that he was in the search of such parties to take this challenge to benefit the poor and deserved Afghans in health sector. He stressed the need on preparedness and a full dedication to this task, facing any challenge accordingly once we are stepping ahead. He had his story of being involved in Homeopathic Medical System and his journeys to Pakistan, Germany and USA in search of standard Homeopathic knowledge available. He has translated some booklets and books in Homeopathic Medical System in the plan to educate Afghans through a Homeopathic Medical College. He even keeps a stock of Homeopathic Medicine and has a good library equipped with Homeopathic Books at home. He promised to arrange a meeting with both the Ministers of Health and Higher Education the week after next.

CTTC appreciates his support in the Homeopathic Medical System activities in Afghanistan and generosity in letting us have his full stock of Homeopathic Medicine as our setup starts in Afghanistan.

Meeting With Wahaaj Hospital

On 1st Apr, 2012 Wahaaj Hospital was contacted to support our efforts in Afghanistan. We thank and appreciate an hour time given to this meeting by Dr. Wahaaj. His sincere thoughts and open mind towards diversity of knowledge and therapeutics in health sector has made us very happy. His reception with respect and professionalism in his nice and shining Hospital in Karta-e-Parwan, Kabul City shows his greatness and kind heart. He is the man who introduced Medical Imaging in Afghanistan for the 1st time and has introduced as many as 17 different allied health supporting specialties. His latest work is In-vetro Fertilization (IVF) technology introduction in Afghanistan.

The meeting started just after our arrival in the Hospital in Dr. Wahaaj’s office. A brief introduction of CTTC was presented and all the team members working from America and India and their commitment to Homeopathic Medical System in Afghanistan. The situation now and the opportunities for Homeopathic Medical System in future health sector in Afghanistan was shared with Dr. Wahaaj and by Dr. Wahaaj. There was no need to explain what Homeopathic Medical System was? because he was pretty familiar with this Medical System in advance. Based on the support we had I shared the immediate needs of clinical practice area and trainings in Homeopathic Medical System and for the MDs in Afghanistan. He stated “Patients need Homeopathic Medical System for their different problematic ailments”.

We would be starting our first ever Homeopathic Medical System Hospital setup in Wahaaj Hospital facility and start training eligible doctors.

CTTC Meets With First Deputy Haji Mohammad Alam EzidyarFist Deputy Upper House Of Parliament

As a part of our efforts we have started meeting the Government officials. The first one hour meeting was held yesterday with the Upper House of the Parliament the First Deputy Haji Mohammad Alam Ezidyar. We were warmly welcomed in the Mesharano Jirga (Upper House) complex in Darul-Aman are in Kabul.

The meeting was attended by the CMTC/CTTC General Director Mr. M. Zaman and CTTC Medical Director Dr. Abdul Nasir Qayyumi in a friendly environment. CTTC activities were introduced with a focus on the new emerging Health activities with the support of our team. The team (AMCH, BJain, ArtinArts Group, AHMA) was introduced along the help they would be providing in the health care effort in Homeopathic Medical System in Afghanistan.

CTTC requested to be supported through a formal letter introducing CTTC to the Government offices especially the High Peace Council, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Public Health for better coordination of activities. The first Deputy for Meshrano Jirga (Upper House) appreciated the work done by CTTC in the vocational and technical area in Afghanistan while promising his full support to our activities in the future. Its a 100% support we got from Upper House who will even meet any government entity on our request to support the efforts ahead.

In the next few days we will be able to get a written support/recommendation letter issued by the Upper House which will strengthen our stand in the government and related authorities. We believe this will support us in the challenges ahead and any sort of support is expected from the Upper House.

We are just paving the way to take our first steps, It is the start I hope we can progress with a bit more speed in future, Insha Allah.

Homeopathic Medical System, Need for Directorate of Homeopathy and Cancer support from IAEA presentations were presented by Dr. Abdul Nasir “Qayyumi”, CTTC – Director of Medical Department to the panel of Advisers.

CTTC – Medical Department needs support letters to strengthen its stand on Cancer Project with IAEA, International Atomic Energy Agency. Also MoPH’s support letter in various difficult chronic cases through the Advance Homoeopathic Telemedicine Center utilizing Homeopathic Medicine.

The panel will report their observations and presentation points in a summary to the Director of Curative Medicine in Ministry of Public Health who will forward their opinion on behalf of Directorate of Curative Medicine to the Deputy of Minister of Public Health Dr. Najia Tariq. Waiting for further progress in this case by the Deputy of Minister of Public Health.

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