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Amrāvati CTTC Vocational courses are designed to enhance the knowledge, skills, positive attitude and work values in accordance with international standards. It covers the competencies required on stake-out building lines, fabricate formworks, install framing works, install architectural ceiling/wall sheats/ panels and floor finishes and fabricate/install door/window jambs and panels in operating.

Sagay CTTC have various training conducted in Vocational area and are normally funded projects implementation that are requested by the Donor agencies. There are 9 vocational areas that CTTC has in its core curriculum.

Our Vision, Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow

Vocational schools provide an important avenue for over-aged students and work-force returnees to pursue relevant education in occupational subjects such as the construction trades, electro-mechanics, auto mechanics, appliance repair, ceramic ware, carpentry, business studies and management, as well as agriculture and crop science. Vocational training can be expected to have a much more direct and immediate impact on the quality of workmanship across various industry sectors as well as a person’s ability to attain a higher quality of life through better paying jobs.

The Champion Technical Training Center (CTTC) is a school operating in Jalalabad City, Nangarhar Province. It was opened in 2006 through a grant by the Combined Joint Task Force/E and USAID. This is a one of a kind vocational school, as it combines seven trade classes with technical management classes. The trade classes are carpentry, masonry, electrical, painting, welding, steelwork and plumbing. The construction management classes are for Engineers, Contractors and Designers. The school has a large enclosed campus composed of multiple classrooms and workshops, a learning resource center, construction library, auditorium/cafeteria, material testing laboratory, administration office, and directors’ office and washing facilities. A large security perimeter wall surrounds the school with two access doors, each with a guardhouse station.

Current operations include one-month programs of multi-curriculum classroom and hands-on training for approximately 200 Tradesmen and Engineering students. These core Trade and Engineering classes are coupled with CTTC’s specialized Technical Training classes such as the “Site Engineering Superintendent, Construction Quality Management, Total Station Survey, Construction Materials Testing, Construction Quality Management Training, Micro-Hydropower, Road Construction Design, Principals of Bridge Design, Vertical Structure Design, Construction ProjectManagement, Advanced Electric,Advanced Plumbing and Construction Basic Surveying. A variety of Computer Engineering classes are also available including Auto CAD 2D, Auto Cad 3D, 3 D MAX, 3 D HOME, SAFE, SAP 2000, E TABS, Civil 3D, Eagle Point, Primavera Project Planner (Version 3 & 6), MS Project andGIS Arc View.All Technical Classes are taught at both Jalalabad and Kabul campuses.

CTTC Agriculture training focuses on alternative training for those individuals who possibly cannot return to their past agriculture work areas. In other words, this is for those who would like to learn new skills or trades. One focus is green house crop production as CTTC has built fifteen green houses in the Eastern three provinces of Afghanistan Konar, Lagman and Nangarhar.

Secondly, CTTC, would like to develop a tree specialty training program along with other new crop features such as switch grass and steak mushrooms. The benefits of this Program will allow one to increase of their economic lively hoods, as well as contributing to the economic development of Islamic Republic Afghanistan. Certificates of class completion as well as assistance with job placement are available from CTTC.

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