English Language Institute

English Language Institute

purchase stromectol online CTTC Institute of English Language has a focus of expanding the capabilities of students and government employees to be able to do their jobs better.

unnaturally We are focusing on TOESL, Level 1 – 6. for those students that possibly received a degree, this would allow them to receive native English Language from native English Speakers, for those individuals it is important to have a Level 4 or 5, to qualify for graduate school in the US, Europe or Canada. For Government workers this will allow them to gain additional knowledge in English as well as computer technology. CTTC will offer Level 1 – 6 at its training facility in Kabul.

A primary feature for CTTC is our First Class English Learning Lab. This features twenty five Learning Stations for accelerated learning. Classes are fun, fascinating and exciting.

Call us: 0700237665
Know us: www.cttc-af.org
Email us: info@cttc-af.org
Find us: House# 555, opposite old UN Compound, East Shirpoor Square,1003, Kabul, Afghanistan

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